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Winter Carnival Fun

I hope everyone is having a wonderful winter! In Quebec we just celebrated Carnival de Quebec which is the Winter Carnival in Quebec that happens every year in January to February mostly in Quebec City. There are so many fun traditions associated with Carnival including maple syrup snow candy which is where you drizzle maple syrup in a line on snow and it freezes sort of to eat. It’s really delicious but also very sweet so I only have one each year. I might get a cavity otherwise! I also love playing this huge game of human foosball with my friends even though it is so cold. You are in a rink essentially and are hanging onto these horizontal bars and kicking around a ball. Literally like foosball not actual soccer where you can run, haha it’s so strange but so fun because you’re confined to your little space.

I usually go to Quebec City for one weekend of Carnival which is only a couple of hours from Montreal to partake in most of the festivities although Montreal also has some festivities here as well. There are so many bars open late with many tourists celebrating and it becomes a really fun vibe the city for a few weeks. Some Montrealers hate this time of year and specifically leave the city to go somewhere hot like Cuba but for myself I think it is part of my heritage and I am happy to celebrate that every year.

That’s all for me now talk to you soon!

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