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Spin Class for Winter Exercise

So riding your bike is a great way to get exercise. Unfortunately it can be very cold and snowy in Montreal in the winter preventing us from cycling. So I like to get my cycling in during spin class during wintertime. It’s actually cold and miserable here from November until April or May so I have spent a lot of time at spin this year! It was a bad winter. I have a favourite spin class I go to here that is a great cardio workout and sometimes even incorporates weights. Many spin classes incorporate weights which I really like and I try to go to those classes. Sometimes it is so hard and you want to give up but they are good at motivating you to continue!

By the end of the class I’m really feeling the burn and sometimes I’m sore for many days! I do miss being outside in the fresh air you get from cycling outdoors in the summer but it’s a good workout. Spin class is definitely my favorite. This year I even bought clip in shoes you specifically use in the spin classes for better range of motion. Some studios will rent you the shoes or you can wear your regular running shoes but I find clicking into the pedals actually helps. And it’s kind of gross to think about sharing shoes with strangers even though I’m sure they sanitize them after. Clipping in really helps tone my calves better like those muscles you see only cyclists have. If you live in Montreal or ever visiting definitely check out the studio above although it’s becoming such a popular trend I’m sure there are many other studios you can try as well.

That’s all for me talk now talk to you next time!

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