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Cycling in Montreal

One of my favourite things to do on the weekend in Montreal is riding my bike to the closest park with a picnic with friends. In my picnic basket I always pack a baguette, boursin, cheese, wine, and grapes. Usually each friend brings a little something different to the picnic so we have a full meal. Almost everyone brings their own bottle of wine though so we end up drinking far too much! But we Montrealers have a great tolerance for wine as it is a part of our every day culture.

There’s just something so freeing about riding your bike in the summertime and relaxing on the grass in the park. I really enjoy the opportunity to spend time with friends and sometimes family in this beautiful setting. Sometimes we also bring games such as frisbee or beanbag toss. Beanbag toss has to be one of my favourite games but it involves more set up and generally requires a car. Have any of you ever played that game before? It’s where there’s two boards spaced about 20 feet apart and you toss a bean bag into the hole for points. Here is a link for how to play it so you can see what I mean. I’m not great at explaining games I’m told! It’s usually a team of two on two. It’s so fun and after a bottle of wine because that makes it even more interesting! In Montreal we can be very competitive which makes for a lot of fun.

I also love the traditional French food like bread, cheese and wine as a lovely treat to have every now and again. I try not to eat this way all the time but it’s so delicious and frankly I don’t think carbs and fat or is as bad for you as everyone says.

That’s all for me now chat next time!

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