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Wedding season is coming!

Hello old friends! I don’t where the last few months went. I haven’t logged into here for so long because frankly I just haven’t had the energy. I’ve felt so lethargic this winter and spent as much time as I could cozied up at home reading and relaxing and sleeping. It felt good to take some time for myself this winter to listen to my body and give it the rest it needed. Something about winter and less light and sun really has an affect on me. However I don’t see this as a bad thing. I think humans go through seasons too and it’s important to recognize that rather than trying to push 100% all year long. Winter is a wonderful excuse to take for for yourself to rest and reflect.

But now it is spring and wedding season is upon us! I have three friends getting married this spring and summer and I am in two of the weddings. It’s such an exciting thing to be asked to be in a friend’s wedding this will be first time as a bridesmaid! I love supporting my friend’s and their partners and am so excited. So far we’ve been doing lots of dress shopping, both for the bride and the bridesmaids. Choosing a dress is a long and stressful process! For one of the weddings my friend wants us to all wear the same dress in the same color, so it took awhile to find a dress that looked flattering on everyone. My other friends say we can all wear something different so long as they all sort of coordinate and are a blush color. I thought this would be easier since we all got to have our own say but it’s actually really hard to make sure the dresses all go together without being too different in style and color. The girl who found a dress first kind of set the tones for everyone else’s dresses and hers is short, strapless and very bridesmaid (in my opinion). I wanted to choose something cute from J.Crew or something I could also wear after the fact but anything from a retail store doesn’t usually have that bridal quality. Oh well, I don’t mind too much, I will just find something not too expensive and try to sell it through a second hand store afterwards!

Does anyone have any advice for me for stores to shop at to find a blush dress that’s bridal but not too bridal? A friend suggested David’s Bridal since their prices aren’t too bad but I find the quality is really poor. I’d love to hear any other suggestions you might have! TIA!

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween everyone! I love this time of year and am busy getting my apartment ready for all of the kids that will be passing through tomorrow night. I usually decorate my door and carve a pumpkin so kids know I am a ‘trick or treat friendly’ household! Many people in Montreal don’t celebrate the holiday so it is nice to make it apparent for the kids.

I encourage you to do the same, no matter where you live! As children, we knew not to visit the houses with their lights completely out but sometimes there were houses with all of the lights on that we would knock at only to be yelled at or something terrible. Since then, I only went to homes with a Jack O’ Lantern or similar decoration. Now I want to help kids know they should visit my home for yummy treats!

Which gets me thinking, what were some of your favorite treats to receive on Halloween growing up? There were certain homes that would give out full size chocolate bars that you knew to go back to every year. I also loved getting Coffee Crisp, Kit Kat, Reece’s Pieces and Mars bars. I hated those terrible rocket candies and there were always so many of those left at the bottom of my pillowcase.

I went trick or treating up on and off up until high school because I just loved dressing up and the free candy! Now I could never eat so many sweets in one sitting.

I love seeing the kids and their great costumes and how excited and happy they are. Since I went around for so many years the least I can do is do it myself for the kids! But like I said I love this holiday and am happy to oblige. 🙂

Cycling in Montreal

One of my favourite things to do on the weekend in Montreal is riding my bike to the closest park with a picnic with friends. In my picnic basket I always pack a baguette, boursin, cheese, wine, and grapes. Usually each friend brings a little something different to the picnic so we have a full meal. Almost everyone brings their own bottle of wine though so we end up drinking far too much! But we Montrealers have a great tolerance for wine as it is a part of our every day culture.

There’s just something so freeing about riding your bike in the summertime and relaxing on the grass in the park. I really enjoy the opportunity to spend time with friends and sometimes family in this beautiful setting. Sometimes we also bring games such as frisbee or beanbag toss. Beanbag toss has to be one of my favourite games but it involves more set up and generally requires a car. Have any of you ever played that game before? It’s where there’s two boards spaced about 20 feet apart and you toss a bean bag into the hole for points. Here is a link for how to play it so you can see what I mean. I’m not great at explaining games I’m told! It’s usually a team of two on two. It’s so fun and after a bottle of wine because that makes it even more interesting! In Montreal we can be very competitive which makes for a lot of fun.

I also love the traditional French food like bread, cheese and wine as a lovely treat to have every now and again. I try not to eat this way all the time but it’s so delicious and frankly I don’t think carbs and fat or is as bad for you as everyone says.

That’s all for me now chat next time!

A New Cocktail for Summer

Hello everyone! I have recently discovered a new cocktail that I love and wanted to share for summer. It’s called a Moscow Mule. It’s very popular and apparently I am silly for never have heard of it before. They were serving this cocktail at a restaurant I attended recently and I fell in love. It’s a cocktail with premium vodka, ginger beer (a spicy carbonated ginger drink, not really like beer at at so I don’t know why they say that) and fresh lime juice. The most special part is it is served in these beautiful copper mugs that make the drink look so unique plus helps it taste better.

I must have had three of these cocktails before I decided I would buy the ingredients and make it myself at home. So last night that is exactly what I did! I made Moscow Mule cocktails for me and all my friends as a special treat. I found copper mugs like the ones I saw at the restaurant from this cool Canadian retailer. I love supporting small businesses in Canada which is why I chose to buy from here. Plus cheaper shipping than some other stores! Definitely check them out if you’re looking for mugs.

My friends loved my Moscow Mule themed party so I think I am going to make this a regular occurrence. How fun would it be so host once a month or something like that. I think you could serve other cocktails in the mugs too or we could just do martinis or something for other who might get sick of the mule haha but I know I won’t! I could drink them everyday.

So if you haven’t already, please try the Moscow Mule cocktail the next time you go out and make sure it comes in a copper mug! If you love it like I do you can easily make the recipe at home too!

That’s all for me now chat next time!

Spin Class for Winter Exercise

So riding your bike is a great way to get exercise. Unfortunately it can be very cold and snowy in Montreal in the winter preventing us from cycling. So I like to get my cycling in during spin class during wintertime. It’s actually cold and miserable here from November until April or May so I have spent a lot of time at spin this year! It was a bad winter. I have a favourite spin class I go to here that is a great cardio workout and sometimes even incorporates weights. Many spin classes incorporate weights which I really like and I try to go to those classes. Sometimes it is so hard and you want to give up but they are good at motivating you to continue!

By the end of the class I’m really feeling the burn and sometimes I’m sore for many days! I do miss being outside in the fresh air you get from cycling outdoors in the summer but it’s a good workout. Spin class is definitely my favorite. This year I even bought clip in shoes you specifically use in the spin classes for better range of motion. Some studios will rent you the shoes or you can wear your regular running shoes but I find clicking into the pedals actually helps. And it’s kind of gross to think about sharing shoes with strangers even though I’m sure they sanitize them after. Clipping in really helps tone my calves better like those muscles you see only cyclists have. If you live in Montreal or ever visiting definitely check out the studio above although it’s becoming such a popular trend I’m sure there are many other studios you can try as well.

That’s all for me talk now talk to you next time!

Winter Carnival Fun

I hope everyone is having a wonderful winter! In Quebec we just celebrated Carnival de Quebec which is the Winter Carnival in Quebec that happens every year in January to February mostly in Quebec City. There are so many fun traditions associated with Carnival including maple syrup snow candy which is where you drizzle maple syrup in a line on snow and it freezes sort of to eat. It’s really delicious but also very sweet so I only have one each year. I might get a cavity otherwise! I also love playing this huge game of human foosball with my friends even though it is so cold. You are in a rink essentially and are hanging onto these horizontal bars and kicking around a ball. Literally like foosball not actual soccer where you can run, haha it’s so strange but so fun because you’re confined to your little space.

I usually go to Quebec City for one weekend of Carnival which is only a couple of hours from Montreal to partake in most of the festivities although Montreal also has some festivities here as well. There are so many bars open late with many tourists celebrating and it becomes a really fun vibe the city for a few weeks. Some Montrealers hate this time of year and specifically leave the city to go somewhere hot like Cuba but for myself I think it is part of my heritage and I am happy to celebrate that every year.

That’s all for me now talk to you soon!

Hello and Welcome!

Hello everyone and welcome to my blog! My name is Marguerite and I live in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. In Quebec we speak Français and English. I mostly speak French at home and with friends but every now and again and I also need to practice my English which is why I started this blog. I want to make sure I continue to practice reading and writing English after university so I can improve my language skills.

I’d like to use this blog as a platform to share a few of my passions in life such as Quebec lifestyle including cycling, nature, and wine as well as fitness and exercise tips. Thanks so much for joining me for the ride and I look forward to speaking with you soon!