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A New Cocktail for Summer

Hello everyone! I have recently discovered a new cocktail that I love and wanted to share for summer. It’s called a Moscow Mule. It’s very popular and apparently I am silly for never have heard of it before. They were serving this cocktail at a restaurant I attended recently and I fell in love. It’s a cocktail with premium vodka, ginger beer (a spicy carbonated ginger drink, not really like beer at at so I don’t know why they say that) and fresh lime juice. The most special part is it is served in these beautiful copper mugs that make the drink look so unique plus helps it taste better.

I must have had three of these cocktails before I decided I would buy the ingredients and make it myself at home. So last night that is exactly what I did! I made Moscow Mule cocktails for me and all my friends as a special treat. I found copper mugs like the ones I saw at the restaurant from this cool Canadian retailer. I love supporting small businesses in Canada which is why I chose to buy from here. Plus cheaper shipping than some other stores! Definitely check them out if you’re looking for mugs.

My friends loved my Moscow Mule themed party so I think I am going to make this a regular occurrence. How fun would it be so host once a month or something like that. I think you could serve other cocktails in the mugs too or we could just do martinis or something for other who might get sick of the mule haha but I know I won’t! I could drink them everyday.

So if you haven’t already, please try the Moscow Mule cocktail the next time you go out and make sure it comes in a copper mug! If you love it like I do you can easily make the recipe at home too!

That’s all for me now chat next time!

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